Sanitary Protocol Auberge de La Fontaine

Auberge de La Fontaine is committed to respecting and implementing all recommended health and safety standards recommended by Quebec Health board. 

For the complete details of the recommended standards from the National Public Health Board of Quebec, please follow this link:

The health and safety of our guests and employees remains our top priority and we continue to monitor the situation very closely to ensure we remain up to date on any and all required health and safety procedures.

Hereunder our most important new standards which have now been implemented as a result of the COVID19 pandemic.

  • All employees are advised not to report to work if they have suggestive symptoms such as fever, cough, breathing difficulties or any other symptoms according to the following official website:
  • We promote and insist on proper hygiene measures by making the necessary equipment available to everyone (minimum 60% hydro alcoholic solutions, hot tap water with soap dispensers, disposable tissues, etc.).
  • We encourage at all times a minimum distance of 6 feet between anyone throughout public areas in and outside the establishment.
  1. Actual signage such as markers on the floor and walls demonstrating the direction and required procedure to follow.
  2. Elevator sharing and any other close proximity is prevented through additional signage posted throughout the public areas.
  3. Meetings or gatherings within the hotel are strictly prohibited.
  4. Any non-essential materials such as newspapers, magazines, documents or decorative items which can be manipulated have been removed from the public areas.


  • Arrival and departures
    1. Hydro alcoholic solutions for hand disinfection are available upon arrival at the hotel.
    2. A minimum of 6 feet is required between the front desk agents and the guest checking in.
    3. Money handling is highly discouraged. Payments should be made by credit card.
    4. All monitors, terminals and work stations undergo a disinfection with approved alcoholic solutions.


  • Guest room assignments
    1. Accommodation assignments are made with special distancing measures with other occupied rooms.
    2. A minimum grace period of 24 hours is allotted between each occupant for any given room.


  • Housekeeping and maintenance
    1. During the stay, housekeeping will be reduced to the essential services only.
    2. No upkeep or maintenance will be carried out during the stay within the guest room.
    3. Any room deliveries will be left in front of the room entrance with a minimum of 6 feet distance.


  • Food and Beverage outlets
    1. All food and beverage outlets are temporarily. We encourage room deliveries for any food and beverage consumption.


  • Non-essential services

All non-essential services are closed until further notice in order to prevent gatherings.