A great way to get a sense of the area is a stroll down charming Rue St. Paul. Begin at Place Jacques Cartier and check out the circus-like buskers and street artists. Start strolling west along Rue St. Paul. Browse through an art gallery or designer boutique, and take note when reaching Saint-Laurent Boulevard (also known as “The Main”), the significant street that divides Montréal into east and west.

For years, Saint-Paul Street was Montréal’s main street. Many of the buildings, which date from the 19th century and some of which were warehouses, have been renovated and today serve as boutiques, artists’ studios and even homes.  You can not miss seeing the many ancient buildings, such as Pierre du Calvet house, the Notre-Dame-de-Bonsecours, or the Bonsecours Market, acknowledged as one of the ten most beautiful heritage buildings in Canada.

Recent renovations have turned it once again into a bustling marketplace that also features sidewalk cafés, shops and exhibitions.