Spa Escale Santé offers a complete array of massage therapy services of every level of intensity and technique.  Your body is a temple. Nurturing your body and spending time on it allows you to connect with yourself. Let their team of professionals spoil you from head to toe!  Body therapy, balneotherapy, beauty treatments and thermal experience inspired from Iceland are a rendez-vous.

Thermal experience consists of a relaxation process which focuses on the alternation of cycles of heat and cold. This practice eliminates stress and toxins; it also slackens musculature and ameliorates the circulation of blood. It notably contributes to the improvement of quality of sleep and to the fortification of the immune system. Perfect to revitalize energy!

Their interior icelandic station consists of:

  • Hot salted water basins
  • Finnish sauna
  • Cold water basin
  • Cold waterfall
  • As well as a steam bath