Located on the Plateau Mont-Royal, Fuchsia Épicerie Fleur is calling all of us who like something different when  in the market for a delicious and unique menu which puts health and originality at the center of our gastronomic experiences. Offering a trendy, warm and convivial setting, Fuchsia Épicerie Fleur is a one of a kind culinary destination.

Let yourself be tempted by  vegan and vegetarian cuisine that will have you rejoice in its originality! Moreover, they offer a unique concept which will have foodies celebrate an adventurous and environmentally conscious culinary experience. Attention is paid to allergies and dietary restrictions. They try to offer gluten-free alternatives to their plates.Furthermore, everything is made fresh from the best ingredients and produce and meals are topped off by delicious edible flowers such as roses, violets and lavender!  Flowers aren’t just pretty. They’re also delicious!  Have you ever tried a rosebud tea or café blanc? Remember this trendy spot!